End of the line.

These are the last few strips of 2006 ...

And that is where the strip originally ended: left hanging.

It wasn’t intentional, I was just burned out after three years and didn't want to do it anymore. Among other things, I was having a crisis of faith, both in my artistic abilities and my life trajectory in general, so I figured it was about time to shut the strip down and move on.

In 2014 (or, to be more dramatic, "EIGHT YEARS LATER..."), I published The Complete Mullein Fields (you know, that paperback I’ve been plugging at the foot of every page). In order to give the book a somewhat reasonable "ending", I drew a few new strips just to close things out.

In the words of that gifted bard Frank Stallone, "This is the end."

Granted, it isn't much of an ending. But in my defense, there are no tearful character departures, no weddings, no deaths, and mercifully, no long lost evil twins. That has to count for something.

And since Loretta was the first character to appear and speak in the strip, I think it is only fair that she gets the last word.

So that was Mullein Fields. Aside from its unstable beginnings, and a few rough patches here and there, I think it is overall a pretty good strip. I am of course incredibly biased, in that I spent years hunched over a desk writing and drawing these things, but even disregarding all of that ... I still like it! So sue me.

And if you enjoyed this retrospective, feel free to pick up the complete collection in paperback, available at your friendly neighborhood internet retail behemoth. (Or as a digital download here.)



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