As 2006 approaches and prepares to drop the hammer on this little comic strip, we still have time enough to check in on Heidi, who was last seen reveling in her retirement.

I’d kind of like to see that “Super Rat” comic book.

Backstory: at the time, I was scouring all the local supermarkets for a bag of unsalted peanuts. Not for eating, but for planting. I found some. I planted them. They grew. I harvested peanuts.

This otherwise has no bearing on the story.

The Great Bill Jr. Mystery is about to be revealed ...

Fun fact: Dennis Levinson was the real, actual-type Atlantic County executive at the time (and still is, 11 years later, thanks to a series of dark political machinations and the sheer dumb luck of running generally unopposed every four years). He also happened to be my boss, but that's a story for another defunct webcomic retrospective.

And Bill Jr. goes his separate way. He doesn’t need blood relations anymore; the Atlantic County Republican Club is his family now.

Anyway, time to tie up the loose threads of the Heidi / Madame Carkeys subplot.

For the record, the lease was canceled. I never did detail what life was like for Heidi and Madame Carkeys as they co-operated the General Store. I’ll leave it to your imaginations.

Friendly reminder: this site is merely a “general overview” of the comic. If you've enjoyed what you've seen so far, and you have an appropriate amount of disposable income at the ready, feel free to buy the complete, unexpurgated archive of 570(ish) comics in paperback form, appropriately titled The Complete Mullein Fields.

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