Somehow, over the past 13+ years, I’ve managed to draw enough cartoons to fill out a couple of modestly-proportioned paperbacks. Here they are, in order of self-publication:


The Complete Mullein Fields

Mullein Fields was a comic strip I drew from 2003 to 2006. It takes place in the same “regional universe” as Inhuman Relations, but is otherwise unrelated. You can buy it via CreateSpace or Amazon. And if you have a dread fear of paper cuts, you can buy a PDF version of the book at Gumroad. For a general overview of the strip, go here.




Inhuman Relations: The Book!

This is a collection of the first 200-odd strips from (you guessed it) Inhuman Relations. Instead of a straight reprint, the strips have been reconfigured (and occasionally rewritten and redrawn) into a narrative “comic book” format, with a bunch of brand new material added especially for the book. You can buy it via CreateSpace or Amazon. Also available as a PDF at Gumroad.