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Jan 1Santa Claus And The Warrior Women Of Wampas Part 2
Jan 12Coffee Donuts And Idle Gossip
Jan 19Tech Wiz
Jan 22Whatsamatter
Jan 26Clean Up
Jan 29Texting Tirzah
Feb 2Happy Shopping
Feb 5The Waffle Truth
Feb 23Balloons Are Free
Mar 18Classified Information
Apr 15Cheers
Apr 22Gotta Go
May 6Full Set Of Teeth
May 24Sign Of The Times
Jun 13Heighdy
Jun 28For Rent
Jul 5Very Very Proud
Jul 11Party At Uncle Boris’s
Jul 12Reflections
Jul 13Park It
Jul 14Occupy Gladys
Jul 15Join The Party
Jul 18The Ruins Of Romance
Jul 19Personal
Jul 20Property Tax
Jul 21Investment Opportunity
Jul 22Business Sense
Jul 25So Help Me
Jul 26No Deal
Jul 27One Good Deed
Jul 28Stragedy
Jul 29Mission Accomplished
Aug 1The Same Inga
Aug 2Tell Me About It
Aug 3Right Wing And Wrong
Aug 5Forcibly Ejected
Aug 8The Great Harding Lakes Neighborhood Yard Sale Of 2016
Aug 9No Chips No Cracks
Aug 10VHS
Aug 11Join The Sale
Aug 12Potential Customer
Aug 15Tattoo Too
Aug 16Not A Big Deal
Aug 17Bob Feldman Is Out As President
Aug 19Walking To Wawa
Aug 22Roll Top
Aug 25Move It
Aug 31Ta Da
Sep 6Carry On
Sep 7Maria? Did I Just Meet A Girl Named Maria?
Sep 19The Desk Set
Sep 20Yard Sale Closeout
Sep 23Maybe Next Time
Oct 3How
Nov 9Move On, Move Up, Drop Out
Nov 16Nothing And Nobody
Nov 28Sorry