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Jan 4Jubilant
Jan 7Fred Chauffeurs
Jan 9Another Day At The Salt Mines
Jan 11Fred Doesn’t Want To Talk About It
Jan 14Love And Sandwiches
Jan 16What Happened Yesterday
Jan 18Leave Her There
Jan 25Let’s Talk
Jan 30The Chase
Feb 6The Catch
Feb 15What Happened
Feb 18Show The Parents
Feb 22Baby Pictures
Feb 25Love In Bloom
Mar 4Independent and Well-Adjusted
Mar 6Waste Not Want Not
Mar 8Somebody’s Knocking At The Door, Somebody’s Ringing The Bell
Mar 11Humanity
Mar 13It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To
Mar 18A Classy Affair
Mar 20Extra Guests
Mar 25Crash Of The Party
Mar 27The Party
Apr 1Nor’easter
Apr 8Slavko’s Entrance
Apr 10I Foresee
Apr 15Uncle Boris
Apr 19I’ve Known Them All For Years
Apr 24Friendship, Friendship
Apr 29Fred’s Hat
May 6Leaving The Party
May 8Return Of The Party
May 17Charade
Jun 19Uncouth
Jun 21Evil Fruit
Jun 28Death Of The Party
Jul 1Uncle Boris Sends His Regards
Jul 5Loose Ends Over Pool
Jul 8Drown
Jul 15The Breakup
Jul 17Wisdom
Jul 19Emotionally Fragile
Jul 22Shoehorn
Jul 26Review The Facts
Jul 31That’s The Plan
Aug 2Thank You Garry Marshall
Aug 26Disarray
Aug 30Just Saying Hi
Sep 2Swath Of Heartbreak
Sep 6Someone Out There
Sep 9Hi Tom
Sep 11I Saw It On Nick At Nite
Sep 13Made For Each Other
Sep 16Maureen’s Lost Summer
Sep 18Hi
Sep 20Short List
Sep 27Spirited Discussion
Oct 2Speaking Terms
Oct 3Captive Audience
Oct 7Fred The Rascal
Oct 9Mean And Gray
Oct 11The Rains Came Part 1
Oct 14The Rains Came Part 2
Oct 16Ring A Bell
Oct 18Sunset
Oct 21Pumpkin Carving
Oct 25Fond Memories Of Halloween
Oct 28Halloween Part One
Oct 30Halloween Part Two
Oct 31Halloween Part Three
Nov 11Get The Message
Nov 13Threatened
Nov 15Quitting Time
Nov 18Something Wrong
Nov 20Tirzah’s Big Problem
Nov 25When The Night Has Come And The Land Is Dark
Nov 27Sleepover
Dec 2Calming Effect
Dec 4Meanwhile Tom
Dec 9Into Morning
Dec 11Winterized
Dec 13For Sentimental Reasons
Dec 18You Know Who
Dec 23It’s The Season, Stupid
Dec 30Gaslighting