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Jan 30One Of Those Days
Feb 1Lunch With Tirzah
Feb 2Slavko’s Bar
Feb 3Black Eye
Feb 8What Are Friends For
Feb 10Cowed
Feb 13Pickled Guru Demons In Cashmere
Feb 15Don’t You Remember Me?
Feb 17Tisk Tisk Tisk
Feb 20Intervention
Feb 27Fred For The Defense
Feb 29Barricade
Mar 2Hash Over
Mar 5Make Like A Tree
Mar 9The New Tirzah
Mar 19Dinner At The Golden Hermit Crab
Mar 21Rational Self Interest
Mar 23Yearbook
Mar 26Movie Night
Mar 30Death By Chocolate
Apr 2It’s Over Phil
Apr 4Kaput
Apr 6Secret Ingredient
Apr 9The Ending
Apr 18Migraine Is Yours
Apr 20Tirzah Pays Her Debts
Apr 23Fresh Hell
Apr 27Rancorous Argument
Apr 30Oh Baby
May 4Worry
May 7Disgusting
May 9Understanding Women
May 14Tirzah Can’t Drive 55
May 18We Ride Through Mansions Of Glory In Suicide Machines, Etc.
May 28Rancho Tricarico
Jun 1Cozy Little Hut
Jun 4Getting Out
Jun 25Intruder Alert
Jul 16An Incident In Fred’s Childhood
Nov 1None The Wiser
Nov 23Horror
Dec 10Embarrassment
Dec 31Tirzah Recuperates